Lindsay and Derek's first dance, captured by Henry and Mac Photography

Lindsay and Derek's first dance, captured by Henry and Mac Photography


Where do I even start with my rave review of Margaret?

From the moment we first emailed, I knew she was special and that we had a connection.  After our first in-person meeting, I knew she was the perfect choice as our day-of planner.

My Mom accompanied me the first time we met Margaret and at the conclusion, we looked at each other and shared a few tears.  Happy tears because we knew she was going to make our vision come to life.  As the wedding approached, we realized how difficult it would be to execute the level of detail we planned and also truly enjoy ourselves.  I cannot tell you the relief we felt when Margaret told us, "don't worry, I'm going to take it from here."  And that is exactly what she did and more.

Margaret became the point of contact for all the vendors, she organized an entire wedding weekend timeline, and she always checked in with us.  There was not a day that went by the month before the wedding that Margaret was not in touch.  I've never met someone that can multi-task the way she can!  She met with us in-person so many times and showed extreme patience.

Margaret familiarized herself with our families, our bridal party, the vendors, and the locations as if it was her own wedding.  She was on multiple calls the week before the wedding checking in with each vendor to know their arrival time, departure time, etc.

The day before we left for the wedding, I had organized with my bridal party to get our nails done.  I got a text from her that morning urging me to relax and enjoy the beginning of the best weekend ever!  I appreciated not only that she remembered about the nails but the wisdom to sit back and take in that one year of planning was all coming together.

Margaret came down to Newport from Boston on a Friday for the rehearsal dinner.  Not only did she come down for the entire day leading up to the rehearsal dinner, she stopped in the morning and picked up fresh flowers for the rehearsal dinner.  She spent the afternoon setting up the rehearsal space, doing all the floral arrangements, and made sure every single detail was perfect.  

She stayed through the entire rehearsal dinner and reception that followed even though we had such an early start the next morning for the wedding day!

The morning of the wedding she was up and working tirelessly at the venue setting up.  After that, she met my Groom and saw him off to the church.  She then visited me personally in my bridal suite for a hug before leaving for the church herself.

After the ceremony, she traveled back to Newport to finish setting up the venue.  She coordinated every single vendor that was coming in to set up and made sure that when we arrived, everything was ready for our reveal.  Boy, did we all cry!  Everything was where it was supposed to be and not a single detail was missed.  Not a single detail.

During the reception, every speech was timed perfectly, the food timing was perfect, every guest knew Margaret's name and that she was the go-to superwoman.  She made herself available for anyone who needed her.

Margaret stayed through the very end of the night.  She even drove Derek and I to the hotel next door where we were staying.  In a Cinderella moment, I somehow found myself in bare feet and she even gave me her shoes to wear because it was raining!!

The next morning, she was at the hotel's ballroom before 9am to set up for brunch.  She made sure all details of the brunch were taken care of and stayed until it was over.  She even remembered to set up a table for cards that guests forgot to bring to the reception the night before.  She literally thought of everything!

After seeing pictures from the photographer, it's clear by the gigantic smiles on our faces that we didn't have a care in the world, other than to enjoy, and that was because of Margaret.

I cannot say enough about how thorough, professional, experienced, calming, creative, talented, and infectiously optimistic Margaret is.  She is one-of-a-kind and I feel so honored to have had her be part of our happily ever after!  She will be a friend forever.

Lindsay and Derek

Julianne and Chase captured by Alexandra Roberts

Julianne and Chase captured by Alexandra Roberts


Margaret, I don't even know how to put into words

I was blown away by how perfectly everything came together on our wedding night — and you had SO much to do with that. It was just magical, a dream come true for both of us, and we had the best night ever. We couldn't stop talking about it and reliving every minute of it while we were on our honeymoon. Thank you so much for everything you did to help us in the month leading up to the wedding, and for everything you did on the night of — you went above and beyond what I ever expected.

I can't count the number of people who specifically came up to me to tell me how amazing you are - people who had JUST MET YOU that night felt compelled to come up to me and sing your praises and make sure that I passed it along to you. You have something special about you that people immediately see and connect with. I seriously lost count at like 15 people telling me how wonderful you are. I want to thank you for everything you did — the things that I saw, and the things that I'm sure you did behind the scenes that I will never know about. Thank you, especially, for helping with my grandfather. You were on top of every single detail, above and beyond your job description, and I couldn't have asked for a better coordinator.

Julianne and Chase  

Margaret Cally was the best wedding planner anyone could possibly hope for. Her organizational abilities made our daughter’s wedding a seamless delight from start to finish. Margaret has a positive, kind, and clear approach to every request and she knows how to manage everyone from children to elderly guests with special needs. She anticipates needs before they arise and is always a calm and supportive presence. I would highly recommend Margaret as a five star wedding planner - you would be lucky to work with her. - Julianne’s mom
Eve and Taso captured by Jennifer Tawa

Eve and Taso captured by Jennifer Tawa

Margaret Cally is a joy to work with! 

I will be forever grateful for the superb work she did for my daughter's wedding day.  Margaret possesses all of the attributes that one would want in a wedding coordinator. She is well organized, and pays attention to every detail. She is bright, extremely personable, and has the remarkable ability to handle the needs of nervous brides and mother of the brides with unlimited patience and calm. She multitasks proficiently, dealing with guests, wedding party, and numerous vendors all with an attitude of calm pleasant competency. I believe the reason that my daughter's wedding progressed so seamlessly was largely due to Margaret's exquisite handling of all the facets needed to make a wedding day perfect. Thanks again Margaret!! - Eve's mom